Pure Meunier

Brut Nature

100% Meunier Champagne from carefully selected grapes harvested in the Surmelin Valley.

Eye – The robe is clear and shiny golden, accompanied by lively effervescence.

Nose – The nose is bold and generous, offering fresh white fruit (pear and apple) and citrus (pomelo peel, lemon zest), and ending on a delicate vinous note.

Palate – The wine is straight and easy-drinking. Its youth and freshness give birth to elegant smoothness. This is a bright and refreshing Champagne exuding life and energy, with a long and delicate finish, and which definitely should be enjoyed during day time.

Cuvée Pure Meunier – Brut Nature: 100 % Meunier This pure origin Champagne is a daytime wine aimed at champagne lovers and at anybody looking for unique wines. The Pure Meunier Cuvée is an unusual cuvée blending minerality, fruitiness and smoothness. It is the perfect companion to oysters or grilled fish.

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Technical informations :

  • Conditioning : 75cl
  • Dosage : 0 g/l
  • Harvest : 2017
  • Bottling : 2018
  • Vinification in stainless steel vats and Oak Barrels

Moreover :

  • Selected yeast is used for the alcoholic fermentation.
  • All our wines undergo the malolactic fermentation.
  • The wine is fined and filtered, with cold stabilization.
  • The cuvée is produced out of a single year, but not branded as vintage.
  • Fiche technique