Alchimie Vintage 2014

90% Meunier (Oak barrels) - 10% Chardonnay Vintage 2014

Eye – The cuvée unveils a vibrant pale yellow golden colour with deep straw reflections, adorned by small and lively bubbles which build a delicate necklace. The visual perception forecasts a rich and well-balanced wine.

Nose – Aromas of warm apple, roasted mango, vanilla cream, roasted pineapple, candied lemon, apricot, passion fruit, with a hint of smoke and humus. Upon aeration, the Champagne reveals different notes such as butter, stewed quince, Mirabelle plum, roasted almond, acacia honey, vine peach, candied pear, mimosa, roasted notes, sprinkled with delicate hints of honey and cumin.

Palate – The wine is supple and fresh on the palate, with a creamy and well blended effervescence. It offers fleshy and plump fruitiness, accompanied by lemony acidity and yellow fruits. The mid-palate is built on argilo-calcareous minerality, which brings fruity volume, frankness, iodized saltiness and a long aftertaste ending on a fruity vibe. The vinification partly done in oak barrels adds a delicate extra dimension to the wine, which exudes fruitiness while keeping its freshness and its incredibly fleshy sensation. The careful dosage adds the finishing touch building an alchemy between balance, flavour and utter delight.

L’Alchimie Brut is an exceptional Champagne whose sensory palette will highlight your festive and gourmet moments. We suggest serving this cuvée in a tall and curved glass, at a temperature of 9°C.

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Technical informations :

  • Conditioning : 75cl
  • Dosage : 4,0 g/l
  • Harvest : 2014
  • Bottling : 2015
  • Vinification in oak barrels for Meunier and Vinification in stainless steel vats for Chardonnay
  • No filtration, no fining
  • Fiche technique